Asse Sauga

Bitcoin is a pure magic of technology!

Asse Sauga

Entrepreneur, author, guide, coach, trainer, consultant and public speaker.

I help people to become more connected by themselves and same time help their businesses to become more sustainable and secure with help of most modern technologies as blockchain. I believe that there have to be always balance and harmony, in every level and in every dimension!

Some of my past and current positions and partners include:

- CEO and co-founder of Equalnine Ltd.

- Board member of Change Invest

- Advisor in
- Advisor and expert at Reverse Resources
- World's First Blockchain Banking Expert with the LHV Bank
- Former IT Development Lead at the Estonian Ministry of Finance
- Former Project Manager of Estonia's World Famous Digital Signature Application
- Maker of Estonia's Mobile Payment System in EUR, based on the Bitcoin Blockchain
- Former Volunteer Intelligent Business Processes Expert at 'Let's Do It World', one of the world’s biggest social movements
- Computer Systems Architect for the Tallinn School System, Capital of Estonia
- Founder of the Estonian Cryptocurrency Association
- Blockchain Technology and Digital Currency Lobbyist for Estonia and the European Union

I believe that you should have more abundance, less technical anxiety, more time for yourself. With blockchain technology, we can give you that. 

The simplification and clarification of consumer technology use should be a human right, not a luxury, and I'll make that vision a reality.

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